We Design and Build Apps
for Healthcare

We believe that small changes in technology can really impact patients, the process, and the bottom line. Add in a bit of innovation and hard work and nothing can stop you.

Not all programmers are created equal -- we only hire 'A' players. You'll notice the difference when you see how small, nimble teams conquer the tightest deadlines with ease.

Services & Workflow

We adapt our workflow for every app to perfectly match its needs, but in general it consist of 6 stages



We all know "the process" drives operations. Often times, a lot of conversations need to occur with the tech experts to answer all your questions about capability, integration, and operations.



Don't wait until the end to show your stakeholders the app. We deliver a full prototype ASAP so everyone can see how the app will work. You'd be surprised how often this simple step changes the game.



After the prototype, it's time to hook up real data. This step usually includes members of your IT team to help deliver secure data.



We setup a private app store for your team so you can test without the apps being deployed to the Apple or Google app stores.


App Stores

Congratulations, your app is ready for the wild. We'll submit the apps for you. You can monitor the apps from the comfort of your secure admin web portal.



It happens to everyone. After the app goes live you immediately want to change things. No sweat -- we stick around when the heat is really on and update the apps as needed.

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